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 Minority Business Enterprise

Tradition and Quality in Immunohematology and IVD Products

Medion Diagnostics International distributes the products manufactured by Medion Grifols Diagnostics AG Switzerland, Diesse Italy, and Prime Diagnostics USA.

In the United States, Medion Diagnostics International Inc., offers high quality blood typing reagents, innovative Sed Rate (ESR) automotive systems, and reagents for infectious and autoimmune disease testing (ELISA).

From its distribution center in Miami, Medion Diagnostics International offers efficient service, timely shipments and specialized technical support.

Our company is committed to providing innovative and high quality products suitable for all blood banks and labs.

Reagent Red Cell


Search-Cyte I & II®

Search-Cyte Plus®

Search-Cyte TCS®

Data-Cyte Plus®


Blood Bank Quality

Assurance II (BBQAII)

For screenning and research only:

IH ABO sera

IH RH sera (D)

IH Rare sera

IH Coombs sera

IH Potentiators

IH Controls


Early Childhood Diseases

Infectious Mononucleosis





StatSpin Express 3





Hemo Bioscience:

Lectin System

Potentiators / Enhancement

Specialty Solutions

Ves-Matic ESR