Sedimentation Rate Systems


Ves-Matic ESR systems upgrades the quality of the Sed Rate procedure to standards of modern laboratory medicine and offers a unique combination of safety and walk away convenience.

Correlates with ICSH-Westergren's reference method . Results in 20 min.

1 Automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) on 10 samples simultaneously or in random access mode. VES-MATIC Easy performs up to 30 Sed Rate tests per hour from primary collection tube.



Absolutely no glass

  • Stable stopper cap
  • Very small volume of blood required (1 ml)
  • Draw samples directly into Vacu-tec tubes containing Sodium Citrate
  • Easily visible labels
  • Available doubles labeling


DIESSE is a world-class, Italian manufacturer of innovative systems and was founded in 1982.